Mission & Values

Our Mission

A mission statement functions like a north star. It is the compass by which FCBC checks her course. And in the very same way that the direction north does not originate from the traveler so the direction of God’s church does not originate from the minds of men. God himself, through his Word, calls his church to a very specific purpose. FCBC has worked hard to distill that calling to a single sentence:

We exist to glorify God by pointing the affections of all peoples
to the all satisfying person of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

A vision statement supports the overall mission by honing in on how and where we will accomplish our mission. As a church located in Boise, Idaho, Faith Community Bible Church has this vision:

We desire to see Christ transform the Treasure Valley and our gospel partnerships through a movement of the gospel that brings about personal conversion and maturity in Christ.

Our Values

At FCBC, we seek to accomplish our mission and vision statements by practicing the following values:
  1. Word-Centered Ministry
  2. Gospel-Centered Worship
  3. Committed Fellowship
  4. Intentional Disciple-making
  5. Gospel Proclamation
  6. Elder Leadership
  7. Gospel Partnership and Equipping
  8. Holy Spirit-Dependent