Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling

What We Believe

God has answers to our deepest problems, and we hope to point you to his all-satisfying person. Everyone needs counsel at some point to help understand and respond to issues in life. Counseling is different from listening to sermons or doing personal Bible study because there is another person involved to help connect life circumstances to the Bible and make specific application. We believe that the Bible addresses all situations of sin and suffering, and is sufficient for all needs of the soul.

The Purpose

The purpose in all things is to glorify God. The counseling ministry at FCBC seeks to glorify God by helping people toward holiness as he has defined it in his word. This often means that the counselor shares the load that people are bearing and helps them draw near to God to find the mercy and grace they need. It also means that the counselor has a purpose in gently speaking truth about people’s situations and even choices that they have made. For these reasons and others, counseling services are reserved for members of FCBC. More information can be found in our Biblical Counseling Guidelines below.

The Process

Counseling is very fluid and can range from one conversation to ongoing weekly meetings. To request counseling, simply fill out the Counseling Request Form below and you will be contacted within a few days to set up a consultation. After this first conversation, you may be paired with a counselor and asked to review and sign our Biblical Counseling Guidelines.