Adult Discipleship

Faith Academy classes and Adult Sunday School gives you options for growth in your personal development as a disciple of Christ. Specialized classes are offered on Sunday mornings throughout the year and on Wednesday evenings in the fall. These classes focus in on areas where members of our body can explore or grow in their gifts. Throughout the year, we often host Wednesday Night Live events to discuss how faith intersects with culturally relevant topics. These talks are great outreach opportunities for neighbors & friends!

Cultural Engagement Talks

To view past Cultural Engagement Talks, Wednesday Night Live events, and more, visit our Lectures page!

Faith Academy Classes 2024

Although Faith Academy Classes are over, we encourage you to go back and listen to the videos that can be found here. These were our topics:

"Defining Convictions" Steve Walker

"Responding to Convictions" Steve Walker

"A Basic Primer on How to Share Your Faith" Dave Gibson

"Catalyzing Your Personal Spiritual Growth" Dave Gibson

"A Basic Primer on Preparing and Delivering a Bible Message" Dave Gibson

"Protestantism: Roots and Shoots (pt. 1)" Howard Foreman

"Protestantism: Roots and Shoots (pt. 2)" Howard Foreman

"Living Out Your Biblical Identity (pt. 1)" Rob Conant

"Living Out Your Biblical Identity (pt. 2)" Rob Conant

"How Did We Get the Bible?" Benj Foreman

"What is the Best English Translation of the Bible?" Benj Foreman