Worry is Wasteful

Posted by Nate Foreman on

Worry has such a deadening effect on the Christian life. It chokes us and uses up our energy, so that we are left unfruitful in God's kingdom. Looking at this passage in Matthew 6:25-34, it struck me that worry is a serious weapon. Worry has hurt the lives of many people. Worry causes us to lose our focus in life, so that all our energy is expended on non life-giving matters. Is not life so much more than these enslaving worrisome thoughts? Worry also causes us to lose the picture of who we are in Christ and causes us to waste time and energy unnecessarily. Worry takes cheap shots at one of the defining attributes of our God: God will provide [Jehovah Jireh]! Worry attacks our faith in who God is, and what He has promised to be. It's not a benign problem, it's a weapon of evil to keep us in dark bondage. Have you been able to confess your worry before the Lord? Have you taken literally the words of Peter, "Cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you!" That last part is so important. HE cares for YOU! Worry is not something that you need to carry on your own. If you are struggling with your thoughts, please share it with a trusted friend. There is no shame in opening up, and it is often the first step toward healing. If you have a serious difficulty and would like to speak to one of our elders or trusted counselors in the church, for the purpose of prayer and edification, I would be happy to help you get connected to the right person.

The path of Joy and peace is walking alongside of Jesus. "Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you!"