To Serve is to Treasure

Posted by Jason Wolin on

The Sermon on the Mount is about the importance of making Christ our treasure - to treasure him by serving him and giving to him.

Every person is tempted to treasure money. We might treasure the security, the comfort, the opportunity, the freedom, the social benefits or some other promise money affords. The issue has never been nor ever will be- do you have money. The issue is- do you love money.

As Paul warned Timothy:

'For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.' 1 Timothy 6:10.

Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount is concerned about treasure and worship. He wants to be that ultimate treasure.

No Christian can love money. This is not a concept reserved for more advanced Christians - this applies to all Christians. In fact this can define whether you even are a Christian. All Christians, must love God above anything else. That's what it means for him to be LORD. Jesus designed it in such a way where you are forced to choose. You cannot love God and money.

There are many personal applications, but corporate ones as well. How is FCBC doing with the resources God has given us? How are we investing in and treasuring his kingdom? How are we storing up treasure in heaven? We wanted to take this opportunity to give you some insight into one area of how we spent God's money this year in missions. We budget 11% of our annual budget on missions.

Here are some of the highlights from 2016:

  • Investeding resources into an exploratory initiative to seek God's will in what He wants us to sink our teeth into for future outreach and service. Examples include the Foreman's role in the Haiti project, a greater role with Pastor Tia in India including Jason's upcoming trip to India to see the ministry, progress with refugee outreach through work of Carolyn Langley, and several others. Most recently, a financial gift for humanitarian aid to a church in Mafraq, Jordan near the Syrian border.
  • Ongoing support, engagement and encouragement to our missionary families including monthly financial support, pastoral care such as the Ornelas' visit in February, partnering on special needs in those churches such as Immanuel's Child project in Ukraine, and baby gifts to the Vlasenkos upon the birth of their daughter. The list goes on including the 'Family 2 Familia' project in San Luis. We regularly give gifts and support to the Laird's, Pettits, Sepulvadas, Ornelas, McClains and
  • The Mexico Trip stands alone in the scope and complexity of the project and church involvement!!! We are thankful for the leadership of Aaron Boston and team!
  • The local outreach of the youth Christmas box project, the involvement of several youth on summer mission projects to Central America, Africa and the Philippines in addition to the Mexico Trip.

While we are never satisfied and always trying to improve our heart attitudes, we are encouraged to see God's money being spent to point all-peoples to the all-satisfying person of Jesus Christ!