Some Trust In...

Posted by Nate Foreman on

This week we looked at Psalm 20. The central idea is this: The man or woman of God can arise and proceed with confidence, despite trials and an uncertain future. Notice that he begins by anticipating a coming day of difficulty. "May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble!" Sometimes we pray that God would keep us from the day of trouble. The Psalm writer, however, prepares us to anticipate rescue in the day of trouble. We should expect that trouble is coming, that the day of trouble is part of our future. The comfort, though, is that we serve a God who will meet us in that day of trouble. Notice the key thoughts in the first 3 verses: answer you, protect you, help you, support you, remember you!

Thankfully, in troubled times, God's presence comes in power, and that's when God becomes most intimate. Very often in scripture, we see this pattern. Adversity, and then experiencing God's presence, is the path and the pattern of building an unshakable trust in God. David was bruised many times in the trials of his life, but these trials followed by God's presence gave him a deep sense of trust in his savior. He says, "Now I know that the Lord saves his anointed one (that is, David)."

There's nothing secure in this world, besides the unshakable presence of God.

Some trust in... (chariots, money, security, friendships, safety nets), but the man or woman of God will rise and stand upright, even as they endure adversity. May the Lord give us that unshakable confidence and make His presence known in our lives.