From Fear to Faith

Posted by Christy Hoeks on

When my kids were young, one of their favorite animated films was “The Seventh Brother”. This was the story of an orphaned puppy dog who found himself lost in the woods. As 'providence' would have it, a brotherhood of 6 bunnies found him and adopted him as their own, hence the name; The Seventh Brother. Throughout the film, their new brother teaches them how to survive amidst the many dangers in the forest. They are constantly hiding and running and outsmarting their enemies, and at the very end, their test of bravery comes by way of a massive river that must be crossed. Their instinct is to run away and hide, but this time they prove their bravery by facing their fear and plunging into the river.

It’s funny how a theme song from a movie can get stuck in your head and remain there forever! I can easily recall the tune as I type out these lyrics:

The danger's all around us
There to startle and confound
Nothing to fear, but fear itself

Those shadows creep like ghost and goblins
Seem to scare the most
Be of good cheer
Don't be afraid

Stand tall and face the test of trial
Brings out the best acts of courage
To contain the savage beast

Don't run away throw in the towel
Reach deep inside and start to growl
And watch them run away-
Just growl problems away

As fun as it is to sing this cheery and exciting tune, we all know that growling is not the answer to our fears. Not so unlike these frightened bunnies, we too live in a very dangerous world. There are enemies all around us, both from within us and outside of us, and all of the 'self-talk' or 'growling' we can muster, will not subdue these enemies.

I can’t wait to join you all in the beautiful Cascade Mountains, as we together, look to our only hope for safety- namely our Great and Mighty God.

It would be wonderful if you all took some time to read Isaiah chapters 40 and 41 prior to our weekend together. These passages will serve as our 'spring board' as we look to God’s Word for help in our struggle against sinful fear and anxiety.

See you soon!