Snippets from Jeremiah

Posted by Nate Foreman on

This Sunday we looked at three different stories from the book of Jeremiah. In the first story, the prophet stands on the threshold of the Temple and speaks out against Judah's empty religion. The people thought they were safe because after all, "This is the Temple of the Lord!" In reality, they...

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Early in the years after Faith Community Bible Church was formed, some of the Elders began considering how to formulate a missions team and where we might go to accomplish the Matthew 28 command to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”. We wanted to find an area...

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This Pilgrim Journey

Posted by Arnie Rubey on

Every person has an individual journey of life; the ancients called it a pilgrim journey. The challenge for each of us is how to conduct this journey and still remain God-centered. Some folks have their portion in this life only (Psalm 17:14) and some focus on the heavenly prospect ahead. Psalm...

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