Don't be a Joash

Posted by Benjamin Foreman on

The story of King Joash is tragic. What makes it so sobering is that he started so well. His dramatic rise to the throne is recorded in 2 Chronicles 23-24. His story starts with a near death experience. In a desperate grab for power, Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, kills all of the...

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Nebuchadnezzar learned much about God, the Most High, in Daniel Chapter 4. The main thing he learned, though, is that God is sovereign. God is the one who establishes any authority, including giving Nebuchadnezzar the throne of Babylon. God also establishes authority in our government and He is...

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Passing the Baton

Posted by Jeremy Putman on

A big thank you to Toby Palin for 10+ years of service to the children and families of FCBC. He has done a great job coordinating and enabling ministry for the numerous volunteer teachers. Toby will be stepping away from the coordinator role and I will be taking over responsibilities in...

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What Do I Value?

Posted by Nate Foreman on

It's very easy for an off-handed comment to get lodged in our mind, and made us feel doubt or discouragement. It's also easy for the images of worldly success to make us feel poorly about our own lives or our own circumstances. When our joy and contentment begin to fade, it is worth asking...

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I Was Blind, and Now I See

Posted by David O'Hara on

The Bible shows us Christ, and by seeing Him we can see everything else more clearly. To do this we need to go beyond just reading the Bible. We need to be changed by it. One way to do this is by slowing down as we read and asking ourselves two questions. First, what does this passage tell me...

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