Vlasenko Update September 2017

01.02.15 | Vlasenko Newsletter

Vlasenko Update September 2017

    By God's grace we are doing well. Thanks so much for your support of us. We are so much blessed with giving thanks to the Lord in our prayers for each of your wonderful community.

    We are keeping our ministry here. I do mostly leading the Bible study group and preaching. 

    Also, meeting with refugees, helping them with their needs. Our prayer is that God would stop aggression and bloodshed in the East of our country. Everyday we can see the military machines, weapon and soldiers which are moving to the East. That is really sad. Many died and wounded. Over and over again we hear about families in the Poltava region, which lost their dad, husband or brother. So we are called to serve those families with the Word and other kind of help. It is really difficult what to say being there, so we need wisdom and guidance from Above. Please, pray that God would enable us to be ready to serve the people that His name be glorified. 

    We are bringing our son Misha to a rehabilitation center to do certain exercises. Being there we are meeting with our friends, mentors and teachers. We are glad to share the Gospel with them. We believe God is able to change their minds and convert them, giving salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. Please, pray for them.

    Julia is involved in music and singing. She is also meeting with her friends, who are young moms like her. God uses her to reach out to our neighbors, especially those with special needs children. Please, pray for her, as she needs to be strengthen both physically and spiritually. 

    Please, also, pray for my health condition as I still have problems with my hearing. For my spiritual condition too, that I may react properly to the certain challenges in my life.  

    We do greatly appreciate your prayer support of us and would ask you to keep it going. We love you so much and pray for you, dear brothers and sisters, for the Churches in America and for all America. May God greatly bless you.

    Yours in Jesus Christ, 

    Vladimir and Julia