Vlasenko Update November 2017

11.01.17 | Vlasenko Newsletter

Vlasenko Update November 2017

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    The warmest greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    We heartily thank each of you for the prayer and financial support of our ministry and our family. We are constantly thanking the Lord for the work of love that you are doing, supporting us for His glory. We pray that God's grace will act abundantly in you and His blessing hand will accompany you in every day of your life.

    We are glad to inform you that we continue our ministry in the city of Poltava and the region. The Lord often shows and directs us where there are special needs for people. Over the past quarter, I had to counsel my friend, whose family is at the edge of breaking up. His wife filed for divorce, wants to take the child and move abroad. We talked a lot and prayed for what happened. As a result, it turned out that my friend and brother, his name is
    Alex, had neglected God’s commands regarding his family, which led to such a sad situation. Despite all this, we continue communicating and praying that God will accomplish and correct what is unresolvable and incorrigible for people.

    I also helped one family, refugees from the Lugansk region, in transporting their little son to an operation and after the operation. This family recently believed in Christ, and the mother has been baptized this year. They need material and spiritual help, which we provide with God's assistance.
    We also meet with families who perform the missionary work in Beliki and Chutovo, Poltava region.

    These meetings are very useful in the sense that they help to see more clearly modern problems and challenges, which we witness everywhere. Together we pray, we discuss the further actions, we help each other in the ministry. We pray so that the Lord will show His mercy to many more people who do not know Christ and perish in unbelief in our locality.

    Also last summer, we held a summer camp for unbelieving children in the village Pristantsionnnoe.  Thanks be to the Lord that He gives such an opportunity to reach the younger generation, preaching salvation to them in Jesus Christ. The summer camp was visited by about forty children of this village. During the year, we visit these children, conducting Bible lessons with them, with learning Christian songs, playing games and quizzes. We pray to God that He will protect these children for His Kingdom, giving them protection from evil, sin and temptation.

    I continue to lead a Bible study group. We thank the Lord for motivating young people to the study of His Word. God shows the youth that only His Word and His promises are eternal and unshakable, compared to the promises that people and the whole world give, rebelling against God and His commandments.

    I also lead the prayer meetings in our congregation. People in the church want to pray and turn to God with hope and trust that only He can give peace, quiet, order and awakening to our country, our people, our relatives when they turn from their wicked works to a living and true God, believing in His Son Jesus Christ.

    My wife, Julia, visits neighbors, communicates with young mothers, telling them about Christ, about how God acts in our family, how He helps us to overcome life's difficulties, when we trust in His help and mercy.

    We thank the Lord that our neighbors are increasingly willing to hear about God and His love for all people, revealed in His Son Jesus Christ. We believe that He will give them mercy and salvation soon.

    Again and again, we thank you for your prayers for us and for our sacrificial ministry. Please continue to pray for us and for Ukraine. Thank you for your help and support. May the Lord reward you according to the riches of His blessings!

    With love in Christ and prayers for you,
    Yours, Vladimir and Julia Vlasenko