Vlasenko Update June 2018

06.26.18 | Vlasenko Newsletter

Vlasenko Update June 2018

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    The warmest greetings to you in the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    We sincerely thank you for supporting us and our ministry in Ukraine. We always remember you, thanking our Lord for your sacrificial ministry and participation in our needs. May God’s blessings abide upon you and accompany you, your families and your work for the glory of God!

    We inform you that we continue to perform the ministry that God gives us according to His mercy. We visit children in the Regional TB clinic, teach them the lessons of the Sunday School program, sing Christian songs, play games, and teach Bible principles in the sphere of intimate relationships. Children are always very happy to communicate with us. In the end, we give them fruits, sweets and prizes to very active participants in the classes.

    In May, the parents of my wife Julia came to visit us, who helped us with our children, Misha and Sofia. During this time, Julia and I, together could visit children in the TB clinic and rejoice in communicating with them. We ask you to pray that the Lord will protect and preserve these children for His Kingdom, and also give them recovery from their diseases. We enclose photos of our meetings with them.

    We also continue to participate in rendering assistance to refugees from the occupied territories of Donbass, Eastern Ukraine, as well as to those who live on the Ukrainian side but very close to the line of conflict. We closely cooperate with the Poltava volunteer organization "The Battalion of those who care ", which includes our sister in the Lord, a journalist and a reporter. We collect clothes, shoes, toys, food, spiritual literature and send it by cars to communities that are under fire from the invaders. Recently, we received and provided the necessary assistance to several refugee families, which lived near the contact line, but which came to us because of the threat to their lives and their children. After a while they left and went back, because they thought that the situation had stabilized. Now they are again there, and we continue to help them from our city. We ask you to pray that the Lord will show mercy to Ukraine and stop this cruelty, aggression and bloodshed.

    I continue to teach Bible studies in a small group. We finished the study of the Gospel of Mark and began the book of Revelation. We believe that all Scripture is Divinely inspired and useful for study, including this book. Moreover, it directly relates to the practical side of the Christian life and warns against any kind of compromise with sin.

    My wife Julia communicates with young mothers and their children. Often they walk together and this is a good opportunity to testify about their life with the Lord and the call to them to receive salvation from sins and eternal life by faith in Jesus Christ. One of our friends, her name is Lena, comes to talk to Julia with her daughter Vika, a disabled child. Vika can walk a little and she is happy that she can play with Sophia and Misha; we have enough toys. Lena recently had great problems in the relationships with her husband Sergei, who became very unkind to her - began to humiliate, scandal, beat her, and also started telling her to give Vika to the boarding school. All this has very strongly affected Lena's state of health, she is in shock and depressed. Julia communicates with her, spends time with her and explains that without God there will be no happiness and joy in the family, only by turning to God through Jesus Christ, a person acquires the meaning of life, respect and love for his loved ones, and, most importantly, communication with God as with the Father, who leads His children into His Eternal Kingdom. We pray for the salvation of this family and ask you to pray for it.

    With love in Christ to all brothers and sisters in the Faith Community Bible Church,

    Vladimir and Julia Vlasenko