Vlasenko Update January 2016

12.31.14 | Missions, Vlasenko Newsletter

Vlasenko Update January 2016

    The Missionary Report of Vladimir Vlasenko

    The Third Quarter 2015

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    The warmest greetings to you in the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    We sincerely congratulate you on the coming Christmas and wish you great joy in the Lord, for He is always with us, as it is written in Mathew 1:23.

    We are very grateful to you for your care and love to us and our ministry for God’s glory. We always remember you and pray for you, that God will strengthen and bless you, your families and ministry for His glory!

    In the third quarter I led the group of Bible study. They studied the Letters of Peter and Jude. Currently we study the Letter to Hebrews. For many people this Letter is difficult and unclear, but we study it contextually and without prejudice, to understand the true meaning of what is written. In our church I preach on the Gospel of John.

    We also continue participating in different kinds of social ministries. My wife works as a volunteer in the city center of social rehabilitation, where our son Misha passes rehabilitation. She works with disabled children. This ministry of hers requires certain loading and after these classes she comes home tired and broken. She constantly speaks with her colleagues about God and His love to all people, but they don’t understand it yet, since for unbelievers love is only positive and has nothing to do with suffering. We ask you to pray for strengthening of both physical and spiritual condition of Julia and for repentance of the staff of this center. In addition, they constantly have different needs in help, which we provide to them: look for wheelchairs and other equipment they need. This summer one sister from our church suggested for these disabled children the apples from her garden. It was a very good testimony for these disabled children. We showed them that we loved and remembered them. I filled my car with apples and brought a bucket of apples to each of 30 disabled children. We praise God for this!

    In our region we also have the refugees from Donbas region, whom we help as much as we can – we help them with clothes, food, and medical appliances. One brother from Khartsyzsk injured his eye greatly and needed a surgery. With his family he lives 40 kilometers away from Poltava city; his entire family is unchurched and opposes the Gospel. I helped to transport him and solve various domestic issues. Thank God, he feels better and we hope his eye will recover. He is very upset with the fact that his wife and children don’t believe in God and asks us to pray for their salvation. His name is Vyacheslav.

    In August, I was involved in the reconstruction of the Prayer House in the village Vasilievka. Our task was to build a roof over the Prayer House. We needed to do it as long as we had good weather. The Lord blessed us to do it for His glory and for the testimony for both this small congregation (they couldn’t do it themselves), and for the unbelievers, who had thought that the life of this congregation in this village would cease. Now it’s other way round – they are interested and visit this church.

    I also communicate and preach to the Muslim people in our city. They are extremely anxious about events in Syria; some of these people, who came from the near East, don’t want to go back. Therefore, here we have an opportunity to tell them about salvation in Jesus Christ.

    One Crimean Tatar man, whom I know, studies in Lvov city. His name is Eldar. I have known him since Crimea. I communicate with him by skype. Although he considers himself rooted in Islam, he is still looking for an opportunity to discuss the questions of faith and honoring God. My other friend from Crimea studies in Juridical Academy; his name is Ruslan. He is very disposed to communication, but he is attracted by the Orthodox Church. When we meet, I also talk to Him a lot about it. I told him about the need to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Without it, any religion is a lifeless formalism and delusion that brings no salvation. We ask you to pray for these people, as well as for others Muslims, that God will release them from this devilish captivity.

    Again, we express our sincere gratitude to you for your participation in our evangelistic ministry. It is an honor for us to serve the Lord together with you. We love you and pray for you!

    Yours in God,
    Vladimir and Julia Vlasenko