Pastor Tia - India Update November 2017

11.27.17 | Missions

Pastor Tia - India Update November 2017

    Dear Faith Community Bible Church,

    On Friday (24th) we visited our Mission Field. Since we plan to go to our native place in December, we won't be able to visit them during Christmas, so we thought of providing a special pre-Christmas tea-party. We carried 6 boxes of plum-cakes, some packets of Indian snacks and sweets. We had a good time. This time we also had the privilege to visit a couple of families in the surroundings.

    We had a meeting with the pastors after the lunch. We received some feedback. They want some 2-3 days seminar in the near future, and also interior village visits. Everything is in the will of God. We pray the Lord will lead us to do the best.

    Our prayers continue for you everyday. Love and regards from the FIM/SIFBC&S family.

    Always in Christ,
    Brother Tia Alinger