Our Youth: The Next Generation of Christian Leaders

01.11.17 | by Jeanette Hinton

Our Youth: The Next Generation of Christian Leaders

    It's another youth group event: Logan is chasing Sam with a smelly sock, Emma is expertly avoiding involvement in any game involving running, Phillip is launching an endless supply of cheesy jokes on a long road trip... these are only the tip of the iceberg when getting to know our youth group. It has been three years since I first joined THIRST as one of their leaders. From nursing the cuts, bruises and blisters resulting from a competitive game of Broom Ball to the depressing fact that I’m now the same height, or shorter, than many of the students, my involvement with THIRST has undoubtedly been the most rewarding experience in my adult life.

    Growing up in the church, I was involved in youth group as a young teen. I can remember that some of the most influential believers in my life were the young men and women who volunteered their time every Wednesday night. There was something so special about having an older individual, that wasn’t my parent, take interest in me and my spiritual development. It was through my own experience as a student in youth group that the Lord planted the desire in my heart to someday serve in that same way.

    Over the years, the Lord never forgot my desire to serve within a youth group as it occasionally would float into my thoughts. It was in His perfect timing and grace that I came to Faith Community Bible Church and joined the THIRST youth ministry. Before coming to FCBC I was well established in my church’s music ministry for over 10 years. I considered the praise team to be my extended family as we had been through births, deaths, trials and triumphs together. Looking back, the heart breaking decision to seek a new church home was purely driven by God as I feel that I am where God wants me to be at this moment in time.

    It has been an incredible journey seeing spiritual growth, maturity and relational connection within THIRST’s amazing group of young people. In a matter of a few years, THIRST has been blessed to grow from barely a dozen to averaging about 40 students every Wednesday night! Before our very eyes, lives are being changed, spiritual comfort is being challenged and our youth are learning to live godly lives through God’s mercy and grace.