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    Failure: the Path to Glory - part 2

    02.08.17 | Christian Growth | by Elaine Tyson

    Our Response to Failure You fail. There’s a spiritual battle raging here. Are you aware of it? How will you respond? Option #1:  Denial You are discouraged or frustrated or both. You deny that you failed because the frustration is...

      Failure: the Path to Glory - part 1

      02.01.17 | Christian Growth | by Elaine Tyson

      Mark and Kim were joyfully anticipating the birth of their son. Feeling some anxiety about their lack of parenting experience, they read books and sought out friendships with older parents to glean from their knowledge. After Alex was born, he...

        Less of Me and More of Others

        08.31.16 | Christian Growth | by Jim Stout

        As I reflect on over 25 years of being involved in small groups, in one way or another, I am struck by the impact they have had on my life. Small groups have helped to shape my relationships, given me a deeper understanding of body-life, and...

          Believer's Baptism

          08.17.16 | Christian Growth | by Jason Wolin

          WHAT IS BAPTISM? Baptism is one of the two ordinances prescribed by our Lord Jesus Christ which serves as a visible symbol signifying the inward grace received by the believer. Baptism is intended to be a reminder of the Spirit’s...