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    Baby Dedication

    01.16.18 | by Jason Wolin

    Why do we do this? Baby dedication is almost a misnomer. The real dedication is of the parents to whom God has entrusted the child. The dedication ceremony is primarily a public declaration of the parents’ acknowledgement of several...

      The Reason for Membership

      09.28.16 | by Jason Wolin

      When 10 people hear the word 'membership', 20 things run through their minds. Costco, Gold's Gym, Spurwing Country Club and a host of other concepts, feelings and attitudes. The wide way in which this word is used creates challenges in talking...

        Believer's Baptism

        08.17.16 | Theology, Christian Growth | by Jason Wolin

        WHAT IS BAPTISM? Baptism is one of the two ordinances prescribed by our Lord Jesus Christ which serves as a visible symbol signifying the inward grace received by the believer. Baptism is intended to be a reminder of the Spirit’s...