The Slavic Peoples

Our mission statement reads, "We exist to glorify God by pointing the affections of all peoples to the all satisfying person of Jesus Christ." We pray for Jesus' all-satisfying nature to be made known throughout the world! That being said, as a single church, our missions philosophy purposefully limits our ministry involvement to a few locations so that we can have both time and money resource for significant involvement in these ministries. We support two ministry couples serving this important post-soviet region.  

Working closely with Slavic Gospel Association, FCBC has grown to love this part of the world. 

Bret and Katey Laird

Bret and his wife, Katey, have served as SGA missionaries in Ukraine since 2002. Bret’s primary objectives have been to assist national seminary development and help Ukraine become a missionary-sending nation. He developed and implemented a strategy for training and sending Ukrainian missionaries to Islamic peoples in Crimea, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Bret holds a B.A. in Biblical Counseling, and also holds a Master of Divinity degree from The Master’s Seminary. 

After living in Ukraine for many years, Bret and Katey now fulfill a much broader role based at the SGA headquarters supporting the SGA team throughout the region.

Vladimir and Julia

Due to the political unrest in the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine, Vladimir and Julia have recently transitioned their outreach ministry from Crimea to a central Ukrainian city. Valadimir is involved in teaching Bible studies, preaching and ministry to the Muslim Tatars in the area. 

Vladamir is actively involved in ministering to refugees from Donbas region helping with food, clothes and medical items as they are able. Due to the recent conflict, ministry abounds and can take the form of construction, tending to the to hurt and wounded people and providing shelter and basic needs. Read more about these war-torn areas and SGA's Crisis Evangelism Fund. You can also stay updated by reading Vladamir's most recent missionary report.

Vladimir and Julia have the challenge and blessing of raising their disabled son Misha. His disability provides them many unique ministry opportunities they would not otherwise have.