Boise Refugees

Boise has seen a shift in the ‘color and spice’ that make up this community. Since 1975, Idaho has been receiving those that come as refugees. Our New American neighbors, about 15,000, now call Boise home. They cannot go home or are afraid to because they have a well founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality or social group. Our local world is home to a global community that brings a unique opportunity for the church. The ‘nations’ are literally at our doorstep. No need to travel the world, just step across the street!

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Glocal Community Partners   

Glocal is a non-profit ministry of Cole Community Church whose mission is to mobilize, train, and connect volunteers with our New American neighbors in friendship. Glocal partners with many churches in the valley, including FCBC to be an instrumental part in the healing and resettlement process. Many volunteers join to help and come away finding their lives enriched. More information can be viewed on their website

How to be involved

There are many ‘levels’ of involvement. Some are as simple as being a driver or practicing English. This is called a ‘helper’ and there is a FCBC group e-mail that asks for occasional needs when they arise. Please ask to join if you’re interested! 

A deeper level of involvement is becoming a Glocal Friend. This can be a family or group of volunteers that form a team. Teams receive training and are matched with a New American family. Glocal mentors the friend team as they meet with their family. These teams are such an important part of the healing process and adjustment to a new life. Most importantly, you don’t do this alone! Please contact Carolyn Langley for more information.

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Thanksgiving Peace Feast 2018 - Many volunteers make this event possible


Carolyn Langley

Carolyn is a native Idahoan and member of FCBC. She has been working with refugees since 2013 and joined the Glocal staff in the fall of 2017. Her passion for other cultures was discovered while working in agriculture development overseas. While in Haiti the experience did two things. Opened her eyes to the beauty of God’s creation in cultures, but also revealed how hard it is to live as a foreigner! Now back home she hopes to use her experience to help New Americans feel welcome and facilitate bridges of friendship with the church. 

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