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The Hispanic Peoples

Our mission statement reads, "We exist to glorify God by pointing the affections of all peoples to the all satisfying person of Jesus Christ." We pray for Jesus' all-satisfying nature to be made known throughout the world! That being said, as a single church, our missions philosophy purposefully limits our ministry involvement to a few locations so that we can have both time and money resource for significant involvement in these ministries. Our relationship among the IBCAR churches in Mexico is one of our strategic focus areas. Working alongside Barnabas ministries we have developed some wonderful relationships and these have been a source of encouragement to us and confirmation that God intends missions work to be a partnership.

This partnership work in Mexico can really be divided into three parts:

  1. The Local Church
  2. The Mission in San Luis
  3. The La Rumarosa Camp

The Local Church

We have been primarily involved with two different families who lead two different churches in the San Luis area: Ramon and Rachel Orneles and Javier and Esther Sepulveda. These churches are part of the larger IBCAR network of churches in Mexico. We have partnered specially with them to assist the ministry outreach of their respective churches.  


This ministry relationship has been creatively utilized over the years and we are thankful for ways in which we have been able to help one another. In Mexico our teams have helped in inviting the community to special services, distributing clothing and hygiene items, running VBS programs, helping with facility maintenance, and performing light construction around their church facilities. 

In the United States, we have invited both the Orenlas and the Sepulveda families to Boise to participate in our ministries here. They have spoken to our small groups, helped with the youth and preached to our body on Sunday morning. This cross-cultural ministry experience has given us valuable insight, created awareness of ministry needs, and given us an appreciation of the global church. We thank God for our friendship with these brothers and sisters in Christ!

The Mission in San Luis

The San Luis churches have put sustained effort into an impoverished area that very much needed practical help, the love of Christ and the light of the gospel. Our church partnered with them in constructing shade shelters on a piece of property as a way to facilitate children's ministry and adult Bible Studies.  

San Luis can be very hot during the summer (very common to be over 120 degrees F.) and so these shade shelters represent a place of refuge both physically and spiritually. The ministry to the children in this area is especially meaningful and needed.   

Over the years, the area has developed very significantly as the churches have worked hard to make a difference. The improved infrastructure, the hard work of the churches and the ongoing efforts of many like-minded churches has made a big difference!

We have been blessed by this ministry and continue to feel closely connected to this developing area.

The Camp at La RumaRosa

One of the unique ways in which we have been able to partner with the IBCAR churches has been in the strategic development and construction of a camp facility in La Rumarosa.  

While still primitive in some respects, the surrounding churches have put this camp to great use! It serves as a ministry hub for family and youth camps and gets year round traffic. The network of IBCAR churches are able to interact and be mutually encouraged, grow in Christ and renew their focus.

We have very much enjoyed the construction projects that have continued to develop this great camp facility. Because of the warm relationships that have been developed over the years, relative proximity and inexpensive travel costs, some years we have had as many as 50 people travel down to participate in the family camp through leading of worship, construction and VBS. We continue to be blessed by what God is doing through the use of this camp facility! You can check out the most recent ministry updates by reading the Barnabas newsletters!