SUMMER NOTE: Many of our Small Groups take a break during the summer and will resume in September. Please check start dates on the individual group pages. 

FCBC has small groups that meet in homes throughout Boise, Meridian and Eagle. These groups are meant to help us grow in our knowledge of God, and deepen relationships within the body by discussing the application of God’s Word, discussing the issues and challenges of life, and praying together.

 Please contact the office ( / 208-375-8172) if you have any questions.

To sign up to attend a small group, or for more information about a particular group, please click the button below, and someone will contact you.



Small Groups

South Meridian

Thursday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm | 2295 S. Bear Claw Meridian ID 83642

Led by Brian Baughman. Hosted by David & Katey Moberly. Topic: Various Topics. Childcare available. 

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West Boise 3

Wednesday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm | 9554 Birmingham Boise ID 83704

Led by Kevin Hughes. Hosted by Kevin & Gayle Hughes. Topic: Book of 1 Peter. No childcare available.

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South West Boise

Monday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm | 8339 W. Mojave Dr. Boise ID 83709

Led by Larry Krum. Hosted by George & Darlene Capshaw. Topic: Authentic Christianity, beginning with the book of Romans. No Childcare available.
Late start: October 9th

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West Boise 2

Monday, 6:30pm - 8:39pm | 10011 W Skycliffe Ave Boise ID 83704

Led by Michael Mills. Hosted by Tim & Jessica McAuliffe. Topic: Biblical Foundations of Christianity. Childcare available. 

We will be studying the purpose or plan of God as revealed in the Scriptures, in its entirety. The goal being that we have a solid, structured faith established on that body of truth, and thus have a greater capacity to live, love, and serve faithfully in accordance with it.

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South East Boise

Sunday, 5:00pm - 7:00pm | 4295 S. Falconrest Way Boise ID 83716

Led by Mike Hotrum. Hosted by Mike & Rebekah Hotrum. Topic: Book of the Bible - Jonah. No Childcare available, but children are welcome. 

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Monday, 7:00pm - 9:00pm | 2111 E. Beacon Light Rd. Eagle, Id Eagle ID 83616

Led by Glenn Mabey & Shon Parks. Hosted by Glenn & Wendi Mabey, 2111 Beacon Light Rd, Eagle. Topic: Sermon Application. Call Glenn (484-4879) or Shon (938-9889) to sign up.

*This group will occasionally meet in West Boise at the Mau's home (4625 N. Berkshire Dr. Boise, ID 83704)

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South Boise

Wednesday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm | 1006 S. Clear Creek Boise ID 83709

Led by Tony Book. Hosted by Tony & Bridget Book, 1006 S. Clear Creek, Boise 83709. Topic: Sermon Application Childcare provided. Call Tony (890-4681) or Bridget (869-2533) to sign up.

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Prayer Group

Sunday, 11:30am - 12:30pm | 9950 W. Ustick Road Boise ID 83704

We will be having our first planning meeting September 9th after church. Please join us after the service in the Library for more details. 

Why a Prayer Group?

by Jim Stout

You know, It’s interesting how the Spirit works in our lives to move us toward maturity in different areas in our lives that have either been neglected, or we haven’t thought to be “that important.”

Beginning last Fall, God began to put a real desire within Kristie and myself regarding the importance of prayer. We first recognized the importance as it relates to lifting up the needs of others: our families, our church body, and for the saints around the world undergoing persecution for the sake of Christ.

A few months later, as we were attending a ministry conference, God revealed even more to us as we listened to each speaker talk about the necessity of prayer as it relates to understanding what God’s Spirit would have for us each day.

As elders, we've seen the value of integrating intercessory prayer into our services on a consistent basis, and so we have purposely added a  time of prayer at the end of our services for needs in the body. We see this a vital method for God to both encourage and edify His body, the church.

Our goal is to increase the level of expectancy in our hearts as we pray for ourselves or for others. That word—expectancy—is rather explosive. Many in the church today will say they believe that God still heals, but rarely if ever do they actually lay hands on the sick and pray with any degree of expectancy that he will. However, some often confuse praying expectantly with praying presumptuously. Prayer is presumptuous when we claim things on the unbiblical assumption that God always wills to heal or change situations then and there. Instead, we want to pray expectantly, offering a humble petition to our merciful God for something we don’t deserve but that he delights to give (Luke 11:9–13; cf. Matthew 9:27–31; 20:29–34; Luke 17:12–14). Expectant prayer flows from the recognition that Jesus healed people and dealt with their issues, because he loved them and felt compassion for them (Matthew 14:13–14; 20:34; Mark 1:41–42; Luke 7:11–17), a disposition in the heart of God that nothing in Scripture indicates has changed.

As I’ve said,  we want to increase the level of expectancy in our own hearts but also want to allow God, through His Spirit, to build up, encourage, and edify this local gathering of His body, at FCBC.

With this in mind we would like to help guide and be involved in a ministry that will be available to pray for the needs within the body, both after church, and during the week when a need arises. We would like this ministry to be a group that has a heart, and desire to pray expectantly - who would be available after the service to pray with and for others, and also available during the week if called upon when people request prayer.

Please be praying if this is something God is laying on your heart to be a part of!

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