As Christ came to this world to serve rather than to be served, we desire for those in our body to regularly serve both in our Sunday ministries and through spreading the selflessness of Christ to the city of Boise.  Every member of every church should be serving in a spirit of generous love (Galatians 5:14) because it is by this others-oriented kindness that the love of Jesus is made known.

Every local body has more needs than workers; this was true in Christ’s day and is still true today (Matthew 9:37).  It’s never a problem to find a need in the local church.  Sometimes these needs are exciting and rewarding and line up well with an individual's gifts.  Other times the needs are less glamorous, relatively thankless and don't line up well with gifting.  But regardless of how exciting the job is, it is the responsibility of God's people to own up to that work, band together and serve!  In fact, the more unglamorous the work and the more joyfully that work is embraced, the more loudly it will speak to the power of the gospel to change hearts and minds.

What would it look like if we viewed church not as a place for ourselves but as a place for others?  We hope to experience just a piece of that in our community.  To begin using your gifts in our body, tell us where you enjoy serving, and how much availability you have and we will try and match your gifts with the needs.  


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