Q & A

What is the cost of counseling?
There is no cost for people who regularly attend FCBC.

What is the background of the counselors?
Counselors are believers in Jesus Christ who demonstrate wisdom and skill in applying the Bible to life and circumstances. They have had training and experience in counseling others.

How is requesting counsel different from asking for discipleship?
Normally the only differences are the sense of urgency and the type of struggle. Biblically, there is no difference.

What is considered confidential in counseling?
Everything is completely confidential between the counselor and the counselee except situations where personal safety is at risk, or where applicable laws have been violated. In these cases only proper people will be informed.

How are people seeking counsel matched with a counselor?
The elders or an experienced counselor would consider the life situation and experiences of the counselor when matching the counselor with the counselee. That said, it is not a permanent relationship and can be reassessed.