As it relates to theology and doctrine, Faith Community Bible Church references two key documents: Our Statement of Faith and our Doctrinal Statement.

Doctrinal statements by their very definition cut both directions. They serve the church in defining what we believe the Scriptures clearly teach, and they serve the church by protecting her from error. Knowing exactly where to draw the lines is the challenge of a document like this. On the one hand, we don’t want to draw our circles so narrow that we become arrogant in our interpretation or think that other biblical positions are outside the realm of orthodoxy; but on the other hand, we don’t want to draw our circles so broadly that we include things that would dishonor Christ.

Thus, the scope of these two documents and their intended use at FCBC is to provide a general guideline for what we want to absolutely insist upon (our Statement of Faith) and what we don't want to teach against (Our Doctrinal Statement). 

Practically speaking, it is entirely possible and expected that members of FCBC will disagree with portions of our Doctrinal Statement not dealing with core theological issues. Our Statement of Faith, on the other hand, is a document that all who call FCBC home must affirm:

Statement of Faith

  1. We believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, Word of God, sufficient and authoritative for all matters of faith, life, and godliness.
  2. We believe there is one God, eternally existing in three distinct persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  3. We believe Jesus Christ is fully man and fully God, lived a perfect life, died a substitutionary death on the cross for the sins of the world, was buried and after three days rose from the dead, conquering death, and is now seated at the right hand of God.
  4. We believe all men are sinners, falling short of the glory of God, and are in need of salvation from sin and its consequences.
  5. We believe that salvation is by God’s grace, mercy, and faith alone, through the preaching of the gospel, repentance, and the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.
  6. We believe every believer is indwelt by the Holy Spirit and is able and expected to walk in the newness of the Spirit by obeying God and growing in Christ-likeness.
  7. We believe that salvation includes regeneration which produces increasing obedience and transformation into the image of Christ.
  8. We believe in the future resurrection of those who have died, the saved to eternal life, and the unsaved to eternal punishment.
  9. We believe in the universal church whereby all true believers are united through faith in Christ according to the truth of God’s Word.
  10. We believe in the second bodily coming of Jesus Christ to set up a kingdom on earth which will be followed by the eternal state and the new heavens and earth.

Our Doctrinal Statement is much longer and more detailed. We encourage you to read it! The footnotes and appendices are intended to serve the reader in explaining how these issues were studied. We were blessed in making it and trust it will serve our church in theologically accomplishing our mission:

We exist to glorify God by pointing the affections of all peoples to the all satisfying person of Jesus Christ

Please take some time and read our doctrinal statement. We hope you will be both informed and encouraged!

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